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So far, I have written and publish four books. If you want to find out more, or even buy a copy, see my Authors Page at Amazon.

A Fear Of Choking To Death

When social phobic Jon discovers the brutally beaten body of Ann, a woman he fears the police will suspect he murdered, panic drives him to make a decision that comes to twist his life free of the control he had so carefully constructed to contain it. Leaving vital evidence corrupted, he pledges to investigate the crime himself and bring the murderer to justice. But as a man riddled with social phobias, this proves more complicated than he could ever expect. The pit he has so foolishly dug for himself only gets deeper and darker, made worse when he learns a psychopath has a blackmailing noose tightening around his neck.


The pursuing action provides a darkly comic tale of one man's desperate struggle to remain free and innocent and breathing. His only option is to learn the dark, selfish arts of survival to revival those of the criminal deviants who come to hunt him down in order to preserve their own selfishly constructed worlds.

A Fear Of Choking To Death

Come, Time

Samuel Dean lives an isolated, peaceful existence; he is alone and happy to be so. One night two officers from MI5 call and request his help. Suspecting a lie, he volunteers his time and is soon smashed into a world of murder, terrorism and international conspiracy. Propelled from his solitude he uncovers a sinister group of the world’s elite who plan a dark future for all those beneath them.

Come, Time Crime Novel

Ghost, Running

Ben is a lonely, sickly boy. Illness pulls his life away; he wakes a ghost as all cowards will. All ghosts are hunted. A presence seeks to crush them out of time into a state of infinite pain. Ben must lead the fight. To unleash a power that lies hidden in his past, he must journey through time and space into a world of fantasy and legend to learn how he, a ghost, should once again live his life.

Richard Mark Jenkins. Web Designer and Author

The Guardian of The Washing Machine

Siavash thinks his house is the world's first intergalactic space taxi. His children think he's nuts. But little do they he know that the second-hand washing machine acquired by their Dad is more than a cleaner of clothes. When the washing machine is turned up to max, the family are left stranded in outer space, caught in the middle of a dastardly plan that looks set to destroy them all.

Richard Mark Jenkins. Web Designer and Author